Plenary Sessions and Highlights Symposium

These informative sessions feature keynote speakers, significant awards and accomplishments, the SNMMI business meeting, installation of the new SNMMI and SNMMI-TS presidents, a synopsis of all the research presented during the meeting, announcement of the Abstract of the Year and Image of the Year, and much more.

Opening Ceremony and Highlight Country Address
Kick off the SNMMI 2022 Annual Meeting with the official opening ceremony and welcome session, including introductory remarks from SNMMI President Richard Wahl, MD, and SNMMI-TS President Dusty York, and an overview of the Annual Meeting from Scientific Program Chair, Heather Jacene, MD.

Sunday Plenary Session and Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, Lectureship
In addition to the Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD Lectureship, this plenary session features welcome remarks from the SNMMI and SNMMI-TS Presidents. 
Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, Lectureship Speaker: E.G. Elisabeth de Vries, MD, PhD
"Seeing the Light with Molecular Imaging for Systemic Cancer Treatment Decisions"

SNMMI Business Meeting and Special Plenary Session

In addition to the Cassen Lectureship, the SNMMI Business Meeting will take place featuring Society updates, significant awards and accomplishments and the induction of the new President.
Cassen Lectureship Speaker: Simon Cherry, PhD

"A Matter of Time"
This lecture will explore time, and its role in nuclear medicine, from historical developments occurring over decades, to technologies that can detect photons with a precision of tens of picoseconds. Inspired by the groundbreaking ideas of George Hevesy, Benedict Cassen and others, we chart the journey from the past and into the future to create the ultimate imaging devices for studying the body and its many interacting systems.

SNMMI-TS Award Recognition and Plenary Session

All SNMMI-TS members are invited to attend and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments over the past year within the SNMMI-TS. Join in the recognition of several accomplished colleagues during the SNMMI-TS Awards Recognition and then stay for the SNMMI-TS Plenary.
Technologist Plenary Session Speaker: Paul Krismer

As a public speaker and trainer, Paul’s authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through. Each presentation is packed with useful information and practical tools based on the science of positive emotions. His best-selling book, “Whole Person Happiness” gives everyone access to his expertise. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.  

Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD Highlights Symposium
The scientific highlights of the Annual Meeting will be presented in the context of modern molecular medicine. This session will also provide insights on what is new in the areas of neuroscience, oncology and cardiology based on the highlighted research presenting during the SNMMI Annual Meeting.

  • Cardiovascular Highlights Speaker:
    Sharmila Dorbala, MD, MPH, MASNC
  • General Nuclear Medicine Highlights Speaker:
    Andrei Iagaru, MD
  • Neurosciences Highlights Speaker:
    Julie Price, PhD
  • Oncology and Therapy Highlights Speaker:
    Heiko Schoder, MD, MBA